Know a little of our history

Açoresmel was founded in 2015, in the Azores, by José Gomes.

Our company’s main goal is to respond, primarily, to local needs, regarding the supply of beekeeping equipment and doing it in the most professional way possible.

The idea came from José Gomes, who realized that was a lack of material coming from the beehive in the region. The Azores have unique conditions for beekeeping and the regional market has long asked for a deep intervention in the offer of products and services that would explore the Azores potential.

Our mission is to provide high quality services, thus responding to the specific needs of our clients.

The Azorean nature gives our honey unique and special characteristics.

We work with 300 hives spread all over the São Miguel Island. From these hives, we collect high quality honey, free from pesticides and made by bees that do not carry any type of serious diseases.

Our extraction process is made directly from nature, which means that we do not change the natural state of honey.